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Rehabilitation Therapy

Our rehabilitation team focuses on short term intensive physical and medical services, provided typically after hospitalization or surgery. We provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy seven days a week. The Rehabilitation Center at Norridge Gardens offers a dedicated unit for subacute patients, with its own nursing staff, daily consultation from our board certified physicians and physiatrists.

The Rehabilitation Center at Norridge uses state of the art equipment such as the OmniVR, Virtual Rehabilitation System, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, motorized rehabilitation cycling and ultrasound.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy licensed professionals use therapeutic exercises and functional and walking training to assist our residents in reaching their highest level of physical independence.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy licensed professionals help residents develop compensatory techniques that allow them to achieve success in independent self-care, work, and daily activities.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy certified and licensed professionals in health care, trained in the diagnosis and therapeutic techniques to improve speech reception, difficulty swallowing, and other oral problems.

CHF Program

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) rehabilitation is the process of restoring functional abilities degraded by a serious cardiovascular event or by a surgical procedure to preempt such an event. Cardiovascular rehabilitation is the process of restoring functional abilities degraded by a serious cardiovascular event or by a surgical procedure to preempt such an event. At Norridge Gardens, our Cardiovascular rehabilitation program generally comprises of disease-related educational components, supervised prescriptive physical exercise, diet counseling and modification, cessation of tobacco use, psycho educational interventions aimed at adjustment and coping, and relaxation and stress management to lower non exertion-related sympathetic drive.

Memory Care Program

At Norridge Gardens, we believe no one should face Alzheimer’s disease or dementia alone. That is why our Memory Care unit, known as the Atrium, is specially designed with living space and a supporting environment for those with the challenge of cognition as a result of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our dedicated staff and program coordinator focus their attention on your loved one to help each individual achieve maximum self-expression. The staff is committed to creating a quality of all inclusive care that meets the resident’s physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs.

Families are important to helping us design a program of activities around the resident’s social history information. This creates a familiarity and calm environment. We create a personalized plan for each resident to meet their individual needs and preferences while encouraging independence and well-being. Our open lounge area means the residents have room to be free and secure. This generates an atmosphere that is inviting and comfortable for both your loved one and you. Upon visiting this community, you will feel more like you are in someone’s home rather than a care facility.

Polish Program

Polish culture and connections are an important part of Norridge Garden’s services. Family gatherings such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Smingus Dynguare and the Name Day tradition are celebrated with special invitations to encourage everyone to participate.  Norridge Gardens hosts several Polish senior groups, which meet at the facility to enjoy meals and socialize. Polish language religious services are conducted by an area priest, which includes a Polish language mass. Many of the neighboring Parishes also send volunteers to connect with their parishioners at Norridge Gardens for a short or long term stay. We even hold our own version of Dozynki – Harvest Festival.  Norridge Gardens has a dedicated Polish Relations Coordinator.

Cardiac Care

Cardiac Rehabilitation Therapy is a full program of nutrition, exercise and education. Therapy directs their focus to strength training, endurance training, and energy conservation training. The program is individualized for each resident based on the physician requests and abilities of the resident. The Cardiac Specialty Program focuses on improving the health and quality of life for residents with any heart condition and vascular disease.

Hospice Services

Hospice care is meant to provide an intensive level of care, typically on a short term basis, that cannot be managed in other settings.  The program covers pain management, along with emotional and spiritual support, to patients during critical stages of their illness or disease. The focus is on care and not cure. In addition to high quality 24 hour nursing care, a resident will received professional care management by a dedicated team that includes physicians, nurses, social workers, certified nursing assistants and chaplains.

Respite Care

Come try out living and experience the best that Norridge Gardens has to offer and let your loved ones know you are under excellent care. This is an opportunity to give the family care giver a reprieve and still provide you with the care you deserve. A respite stay is also a great way to get to know what Norridge Gardens provides.