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I want to thank you again for all the help from you and your staff. As you know our world was turned upside down when my husband, William, had a stroke at such a young age. Everyone we have encountered at your facility has been very kind, caring and helpful. The level of professionalism exceeded my expectations and the level of personal care has gone above and beyond what I could have hoped for.

You are an asset to the community in which you serve. I feel blessed to have my beloved husband in your care. I truly cannot thank you enough and hope I can give back in some way to which I owe so much.
- Karen W.
I just wanted to thank you and everyone at Norridge for taking care of my Mom, Lidia Toledo, while she was at your facility.

The care, understanding and love your team provided for her will never be forgotten. My Mom was a very loving person, but was also a very timid sometimes scared woman. Coming from a loving Hispanic family, she trusted those she knew well. When she first arrived at your facility, she was frightened because she knew no one. Yet after a short time at your facility, she started to feel more comfortable with the staff and the other patients. She was recovering from her stroke very well in the first month of her stay and that was the result of all the work that the therapists, nurses and techs put in towards her recovery. Shortly after that, she had another stroke and her health rapidly decline. Even through all her health issues, your staff provided wonderful care for her and for that my family and I are very grateful.

I just wanted you and your staff to know that we are very appreciative for all the hard work they provided my Mom and are still providing all those wonderful residents at your facility. When you do something from the heart, with love and understanding... it shows. And it did so in the care we saw given to our Mom.
- Daisy Martinez, Daughter of Lidia Toledo
I wanted to take a moment to THANK your staff for taking such good care of my mom, Liza Kalapuziak, during her stay at your facility. Having spent some time there, I was able to see for myself, how difficult it is to provide care for some many needy folks. Most unfortunate, is the fact that in facilities such as yours, there is the under-staffing problem, along with pay that is not reflective of the hard work that is put forth.

Having said that, I was truly impressed with quite a few of your personnel, who even with a lot of things stacked against them, went out of their way to not only provide the best care, but more amazing, to provide the care with a smile! That is priceless.

I truly wish God would allow me the blessing of winning the lottery – then I would be able to help out all the folks who are so kind hearted to take on such a difficult job! It would give me great pleasure to be able to take the winnings and reward all those who deserve it!

The nurses were awesome and the general helpers were also great.

Finally, thank you to Marci, who was always available and pleasant to listen to our concerns. She is definitely an asset to your facility.
- Luba Harbuziuk
We would like to acknowledge Marta Derkacz for all her kindness and concern for my husband, Raymond Lichon. Since day one of his time at Norridge Gardens she showed so much compassion for him and his family. She went over and way beyond what is expected from a person whose job is to take care of her patient.

We like to say a big Thank You to Raymond Lichon nurses’ Maria, Mercy & Lauren for all the wonderful care and thoughtfulness that they have shown him and his family. When we call, they are always so kind and caring for him and his family.

We would also like to acknowledge Aquita Baker for all of her kindness, patience and care that she has given to my husband, Raymond since he has come to Norridge Gardens. Every time she sees us there is always a big smile on her face and makes us all feel welcome. I wanted to let you know at Norridge Gardens how very wonderful and caring she is always to Raymond and his family!

Thank you,
- Blanche Lichon & Family
This is for my Nurse & C.N.A.’s, you guys are the best. I wouldn’t want to be on any floor or facility. You are the Best. This is from my heart.
God bless you all.
- Big Frank
I spent about a month on the second floor at Norridge Gardens in December 2016 and January 2017 while I recuperated from a broken hip. I can happily say my experience rates FIVE STARS in every respect. I was on the second floor, which is a busy place during the day, but quiet and peaceful during the late evening and through the night. I never found the activity during the day to be unpleasant or disturbing. The nursing staff was great – generally very cheerful and friendly and happy to answer my questions and concerns. For several weeks, I needed to request pain medication from a nurse fairly regularly, and it was almost always available soon after I requested it. I would like to give special praise to the physical therapists and the occupational therapists. The therapy sessions were the high point of my stay at Norridge Gardens. Sometimes, at first, the sessions were a little tough, but the therapists were very sensitive to my requests for “less” or “more” during the sessions. The teamwork of the therapists is wonderful, and they are a very enjoyable group of folks to work with. I’m sure I would not have been nearly as mobile as I was when I was discharged if it hadn’t been for the guidance of the therapists and the workouts they had me do. They even give practice in how to move safely around the kitchen and do laundry. The therapists were always willing to answer my questions and give me plenty of information. Because I was on crutches, I opted to take my meals in my room rather than go to the dining room on the first floor. I also opted for the “surprise me” default menu items, although I was given the opportunity to make substitutions to what would be delivered to my room. Also, I would have had more choices if I had gone down to the dining room. I found the food very palatable. (I would like to get the recipes for several of the soups.) I found Norridge Garden VERY clean. The housekeeping staff was pleasant and respectful. When I needed to make a brief emergency visit to my home, the nursing and social work staff were extremely helpful. I would recommend Norridge Gardens to anyone!! - Susan C.